Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Our first year...

The first year went by really quickly. I can't say that anything too exciting happened that year except that we had a lot of fun with each other. Sure there were some rough days as we got use to each others little habits, but what marriage doesn't. here are some fun photos from our first year of marriage.
(we don't have many photos of the first year "computer ready" since we didn't have a digital camera.)
At the Arizona Renaissance festival March 2006

We had the opportunity to go to
Disneyland with Rusty's family
in March 2006.

We had a blast! It was my first time going to both parks with a three day pass. It was nice not having to fit it all in one day!

(on the left: Derek, Me and Tiffany

below: The Odom Family waiting for the parade to start.)

During the Spring and Summer of 2006 we were able to promote one of the films that we had been working on for the p
ast couple of years, "Pizza Men". It wasn't the greatest movie but it was our first full-length movie that we learned A LOT from. We premiered it in Thatcher, Arizona in the Eastern Arizona College Auditorium and sold about 100 DVDs of the film. The community was really supportive and we were able to have some coverage my the local newspaper.

We then showed the film at a movie theater in Show Low, Arizona. Here we had the participation of the local radio station (Rusty worked at a station in Safford and this was their brother station).

We were able to get a good amount of people out to the showing, plus Papa John's donated Pizzas to everyone who came out and saw the movie... who wouldn't want pizza and a movie? Our last destination for showing the film was Wilcox, Arizona. Not bad for our first film, but thankfully our movies got better...

Our first year of marriage went by very quickly, but it was wonderful!

Here is us out by my Dad's work when we were looking for locations to shoot another film.

And look.
One of my favorite pictures of my parents.
Aren't they cute?

And we reached the end of our first year of marriage together.

Closing off a year of marriage with a slice from the top of our wedding cake and a lot of milk to wash it down with.