Monday, April 6, 2009

"Moving Day"

So I am writing today to promote my husbands production company. Karma Creek Pictures is now doing animations! Here is something he wrote on the companies myspace bulletin:

Hey everyone, we're getting an awesome response to Moving Day and I really want to keep the momentum up!

Moving day is our first stop-motion animation and already, it's looking amazing! Of course
with a bit of inspiration from Coraline, we're using amazingly effective techniques that really bring the quality of stop-motion animation to an entire different level.

We are actually making a blog, kind of a behind the scenes or "Making of" in REAL-TIME meaning as we make the film, we're updating the blog. Step by step production. It should be great!

So follow our blog here: Moving Day

Thanks again to everyone for all the support!

Definitely check out the blog. Last weekend they had the Phoenix Film Festival in which they were able to promote the film and got an awesome response. I guess that's it. Check out Karma Creek Pictures first Animated Short "Moving Day".