Monday, October 12, 2009


I have several polls for everyone to take part of! Just for fun!
Make sure you do all 3! (They are along the right side of the page.)
Then leave a comment with your exact guess.
The person with the closest answer will win a prize!

When will the baby be born?

How big will the baby be?

and once again...

What will be the sex of our baby?

Remember there is and "almost positive" for a girl and a 80% chance for a boy...

Results will be in when we have the baby!

Remember the winner gets a special prize...

****Info that might help you make and educated decision:***
Brayden was born 6 days AFTER his due date.
Brayden weighed 7lbs 7.6 oz (almost exactly 7 1/2 pounds)
And Brayden was indeed a boy. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Shower and other things.

So, I have an amazing friend, Samantha, who is throwing me a baby shower. She is awesome! I wasn't sure if I was going to have one since I didn't know the sex of the baby but there really were things that we needed for this new baby. I just wasn't sure how well a shower would be received or if it was even appropriate since this is my second child. Sam insisted and has now gotten me super excited. There has been a lot going on in our lives and although we are overjoyed with a new baby coming into our home there has been a heaviness there that sometimes over powers that joy. Having this shower is really helping me feel less nervous and overwhelmed and I thank her for that!

Since it is somewhat last minute we sent out Evite invitations through e-mail. If someone didn't receive one, it's probably because I didn't have your e-mail, so if you are interested in going and didn't get an evite, let me know and I can give you all of the details. (It's Saturday, October 17th in the A.M. ). If you did get an evite, please respond so dear Samantha will know how many people to expect to the party. Rusty and I did register at Target and Walmart with things that we need for the new baby. It was fun going through those aisle and imagining how tiny this new baby will be. I look at Brayden and can't imagine him ever being THAT small. Time really goes by so fast.

Brayden's little foot...

Now onto other things...still mostly baby related...
As I have gotten the house (have another post coming of all that I have done!!) and try to get myself ready for the new baby, I find that's it's not real yet. When I waited for Brayden to come I felt I had a better understanding of how my life would change and run daily with a new baby. But now with adding a second. I just can't grasp it. It makes me a little worried about how I will deal with things when the new baby comes. My biggest fear is feeling too overwhelmed and sinking into postpartum depression and not being able to truly care for my 2 children. No longer 1 but 2. I'm sure all will be well since I have such a great husband and other support group however, it still weighs upon my mind.

Some things that I found out that make me kind of sad is that Brayden won't be able to come into the hospital to see me and the new baby. This really breaks my heart! With all of the swine flu problems that have been going on, hospitals across the valley are not letting children and teens come into the hospital unless they are sick or a family member is on their death bed.


Some hospitals ( like my mom's) aren't letting children the age of 17 and younger in and our hospital isn't letting children the age of 15 and under pass the information desk in the main lobby. I can understand the hospitals reasoning but it just stinks that my son can't come in and meet his new baby brother or sister for a couple days, and that I will be away from him during that time. I imagined Brayden coming in and sitting next to me on the hospital bed meeting his new brother or sister and getting our first full family picture together as soon as possible. Yeah a few days really don't make that big of a difference but it will still really suck.

Another big change going on with our family is that we are short selling our house!
This has been something that has really been on our mind that we have been praying about for a long time, and tonight we finished that paperwork. We realize that it will hurt our credit and what not but feel it is a better solution then to stay where we are at. Explaining all of the reasons right now would take a little too long but let's just say, it has to be done.

I have to say that the timing is a little rough. It will be listed to start showing the house on Saturday and that somewhat stresses me out. We will be called an hour prior to someone coming and looking at our house and I worry about how that will interrupt our schedules. Especially if someone comes during Brayden's nap or something. Then there is the chance that I will be going into labor in the next couple of weeks. Also, let's say I have the baby and the house is still being looked at, well there will be strange people coming into my home with a newborn, during flu (more importantly, swine flu) season. Then there is the fact that if we do sell right away we will need to be out of the house in an allotted time and packing with a toddler and newborn is not always the most fun thing to do. I think... that I think too much! * sigh *

We will be loking for a place to rent and I will be on edge until we find something. I will be on edge until this house sells too. It's just crazy that so much is happening in such a small amount of time. You would think we like this kind of chaos since we had a similar situation right after Brayden was born. Brayden was born, we came home from the hospital, packed up our place and moved out in two weeks from Thatcher to Maricopa, AZ. It really wasn't all that fun and yet we might be doing it again.

As for where we are moving too? We just aren't sure. A huge part of me wants to stay within our ward boundaries because I feel like I haven't accomplished everything that I needed to do and learn in my calling as the 1st counselor in the Primary. That's not my only reason but it's a big one. Rusty kind of wants to look in an area that is closer to his work. We are estimating that wherever we rent it will be for about 2 years and then see where we go from there. If it's longer then 2 years, I have a huge concern for what school district we will be moving into. There are a lot of things going on in my head right now and I am not doing a very good job of sorting them out. I just realized that I made an incredibly long post, once again, something that no one will probably read. Oh well, that's what I get for writing this super late with a lot on my mind. :) I will try to do a better job at updating little things instead of a lot all at once.