Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summing it up with very few words...

Money Issues:

-Not Fun!
-Washing machine breaks. (April 2008 ~ been doing laundry at folks house)
-Washing Machine, cannot be fixed after many tries. Need to buy a new one. (Before I get too pregnant)
-Old Debt "technically not ours" threatens us. We have to pay!
-A/C goes out. (May 10, 2009) We need to wait to fix it.
-(2 days later) my tire blows up. Replace that one and the other back tire that's about to die.
-Cannot last without A/C any longer and a guy is coming today (May 27,2009). We will find a way.
-Rusty needs new glasses.
-Olivia needs to go to the dentist.

Amidst all of that, we have a roof over our head, food in our bellies, our health, the gospel, family and friends that love us and have been there to help us out!

Happy Times:
-Memorial Day = fun day as a family.

-Went on a family drive to nearby resort and walked around the gardens.

-Splurged on Soup and Salad at Olive Garden.

-Looked at a washer and dryer.

-Got Brayden brand new shoes for $4.00 (they even have Lightning McQueen from the movie CARS on them.) Poor Brayden has needed new shoes for a while now.

-Went Swimming as a family, my Mom and Dad joined us. Brayden LOVES the water.

His favorite thing was jumping off of the side into the pool (with us catching him of course).

-had frozen Pizza and watched a movie with the family. It was a great day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogging...isn't it about time?

So, I guess it's about time for me to write a blog. I have been putting it off for too long and what better way to get back into it then with blogging about some exciting news. "News? What news?" you may ask...
Well, we will soon be adding baby # 2 to the Odom Family. Yeah, I know! Crazy!
I am (as of today) 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant. So that means I am 3 months pregnant and in the "safe" zone. We really did try to keep it quite as long as possible because you really don't know what can happen, however, that doesn't mean a few tongues haven't slipped along the way.

It was a lot more difficult to keep the secret this time, mostly because I was actually sick with this baby (Being Pregnant with Brayden really spoiled me.) Then I was sick on top of pregnancy sickness which causes a certain parent to worry and think I had some crazy disease. So we decided to tell our folks and this is how we did it:
Brayden with his shirt that reads "Soon to be the best BIG Brother". (the flash makes it harder to read than it is in real life...)
Too bad no one reads a kids shirt and after waiting over 30 minutes with both sets of parents we finally had to be like "Read Brayden's Shirt!!!"

I know that our parents are super excited and can't wait for another grand-baby, especially my mother!

Also, there are other incidents where someone guessed and we didn't want to flat-out lie and some where it just slipped...right Rusty? So if you didn't hear it directly from us, then I apologize. Word of mouth carries faster and in weirder ways then one expects.

As for other information, our estimated due date is November 12, 2009. Brayden with be roughly 2 years and 4 month old. I am dong really good, all sickness has pretty much cleared up. Well, except for the sleepiness and occasional headache but that could be due to a certain toddler running around in my house. Also, my Doctor said that she is 85 percent sure what gender the baby is going to be by hearing the heartbeat today...but I'm not going to tell you. Trust me, I have my reasons....

I guess that's it. Except for one more question:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Something I wish I had more of!