Sunday, December 31, 2006


In 2006 we filmed to short films for Karma Creek Pictures.

This is our first time getting to use our new equipment including two XL2's (pictured left- Rusty is definitely happy we don't have to use Wal-mart cameras any more.)

The first film is a thriller entitled "Nonsense" in July of 2006. My Parents were gracious enough to let us crash there home for a weekend in which we spent every moment filming and very little time sleeping. Here are some behind the scene photos for everyone to enjoy.

Richard setting the cameras

Brian and I getting "into character".

Jared (aka Patrick Hidalgo) Talking to Richard about the lighting.
Jared working the crane.
(ok so that's not what it's technically called but whatever.)

A still photo from the final product!

I am super proud of Rusty and all that he has a accomplished. I am glad the we have something we can work on together and if it is meant to be Rusty will reach is goal of being a film director!

Right: Me and my hubby on set.

The next film we shot was in the Fall of 2006 down in Good ol' Thatcher Arizona with the help of many Theatre students who volunteered their late nights after rehearsal and shows to film a spoof comedy entitled "This Old Monster Tango". And now more production photos :)

So I have a lot more photos than I thought I did for this film and I had a really hard time deciding which photos to post.

Jeff as Dracula

Heath as Jason

Me "Assitant Directoring" Josh.

It never rains in Arizona except on days you don't want it too!

Super cool shot of the Director and my super hot Husband Rustin L. Odom.

Derek and Jace
silly as usual.

Me and Big D hanging out
old school

Not sure what
Derek and Studley
are up to in this photo...

Jason just would
not stop eating
the props!

Kacie Bowe
showing off
her mad cord wrapping

Jonathan sporting
the old Tally Ho's
shirt from our first full
length movie "Pizza Men"

Showing the Love

I don't think Rusty was a fan of the black lipstick.

I personally think I should wear it every day ;)

Ahhh, cold fake blood about to be
sprayed all over Deva.

And it wouldn't be a good movie with out
great stunt men like Tony here.

Just watch him in action!

He's hardcore!

I did a few stunts myself!

Super cool shot of Johnny Pants!

Jymie ready to
kick some serious
monster trash...

After she eats
her blue mash
potatoes of course.

Lounging around
waiting for the
next shot...

the late nights
were really
getting to us.

It was hard keeping our energy up for the
last shoot,in the desert, when it was
really cold and 3:00 in the morning.

But we managed it
and finally finished!

Look how pretty Rusty looks!

Well, that was definitely a lot more than I expected to put on this entry but it was really fun reliving some of those memories.